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Certified and Involved

Because community associations are faced with a variety of complex challenges, it is critical that you have the benefit of a management professional who has achieved the highest possible level of certification and expertise.
Jim McCarthy, President of Condominium Management Services, holds the PCAM (Professional Community Association Manager) and CCAM (Certified Community Association Manager) designation. This combined recognition of knowledge, experience and integrity is extra assurance that your community association is receiving the most comprehensive service available. And, under Mr. McCarthy's direction, the CMS support staff is backed by the most innovative office technologies, on-going training programs and solid channels of communication.
CMS clients also know that as the framework of laws and regulations governing community association responsibility, liability and risk, change under the direction of the legislature and the courts, CMS remains directly involved with the California Legislative Action Committee (CLAC) as an advocate for its community association clients.
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